My work comes about as a direct result of seeing, listening, observing at first hand – having an emotional response to a place or object that excites and inspires me. My work is not about a set style or subject but about capturing the essence of a place or object – the atmosphere with all its sounds, colours, patterns, movement and light. My practice is underpinned by a love of sketching; my work particularly aims to capture the emotional qualities of light falling on a subject, giving rise to areas with intense depth, luminosity and clarity, at the same time areas which are hidden and obscured, producing mystery and evading comprehension.

I enjoy experimenting with different processes, using a variety of techniques and materials to work up an image; sometimes I work with monoprint and collage to capture the essential shapes and patterns of objects, building up images with layers of tissue and other papers to achieve depth and mystery. Other times I likes to build up an oil painting with layers of oil glazes to create luminosity and richness, an inner glow; or a surface with mixed media where I can enjoy the relative freedom and spontaneity afforded by the qualities of different materials brought together rapidly on the canvas. I am as much interested in how the materials express the physical tangible qualities of the subject as I am in producing a likeness of the subject.




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